Thursday, February 7

 8:00-8:30  Continental breakfast
 8:30-9:30      Welcome and introductions. Goals of the workshop.
 9:30-10:15      Plenary discussion: The biggest success of KR&R in the past decade
 10:15-10:45     Break
 10:45-11:45      Plenary session: Major driving applications and challenges for KR&R
 11:45-12:30  Plenary discussion: What breakthroughs will be described in NYT 7-10 years from now that will be enabled by new work in KR&R
 12:30-1:30  Working lunch: Planning breakout topics for Day 1: Application-driven challenges and opportunities
 1:30-3:00  Breakout groups (Notes from Group 1 (Data analysis and integration); Group 2 (Robotics and intelligent agents) ; Group 3 (Natural language processing and understanding), Group 4 (Markets)
 3:00-3:30  Break (breakout groups continue)
 3:30-4:00  Breakout groups (continued)
 4:00-4:15  Break
 4:15-5:15  Reports from breakout groups
 5:15-5:30  Closing remarks, homework assignment

Group dinner (no host, pay your own way): 7pm, PF Chang (901, N. Glebe)

 8:00-8:30  Continental breakfast
 8:30-9:30     Plenary discussion: What each of us learned on Day 1
 9:30-10:00      Plenary discussion: Planning breakout topics for Day 2: KR&R Approaches and Themes
 10:00-10:30     Break
 10:30-12:30      Breakout groups (Intro slides) Notes from Group 1 (KR languages and reasoning); Group 2 (Dealing with heterogeneity); Group  3 (knowledge capture); Group 4 (Making KR accessible to non-experts)
 12:30-2:00  Working lunch: Reports from breakout groups (reports start at 1:00)
 2:00-2:30  Plenary discussion: educational opportunities for KR&R
 2:30-4:00  Plenary session: Planning workshop report, closing remarks