Workshop topics

The workshop will identify research challenges and new directions in the following areas:
  • Knowledge federation and integration of heterogeneous knowledge 
  • Representation and reasoning about preferences, beliefs, and uncertainty 
  • Knowledge representation in and for machine learning and natural-language processing 
  • Robustness and scalability of knowledge representation and reasoning methods 
  • Advances needed in Knowledge Representation for new applications in computer vision and robotics 
  • New paradigms in knowledge representation and integration, such as the use of cloud computing and web technologies 
  • Secrecy and privacy preserving inference and query answering 
  • Representation and reasoning for and about knowledge provenance 
  • Social and community-based approaches to knowledge representation, integration, and aggregation 
  • Commonsense knowledge and its uses in NLP, computer vision, and robotics 
In addition, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges for training the new generation of scientists and researchers who can address these research topics: what are the tutorials and workshops that need to be organized? what are the new courses that can be developed that bring together the KR challenges and the real world? Who has those courses already? 

We will motivate the discussion of all these research directions by real world applications in healthcare, scientific domains, and life sciences.